Rwenzori Mountains Expedition

The Rwenzori Mountains are the highest mountain range in Africa that stretches for 120 km along the Uganda/Congo border west of Kasese and Fort Portal. During this 8 day expedition you will feel and experience the "Mountains of the Moon" which can reach a height up to 5,109 meters. These mountains are unique. They are not volcanic but do rise directly from the rift valley floor.

An expedition to the mountains is a rewarding experience which allows you to see the main peaks of the largest mountain range in Africa. The most common trail is the central circuit that starts at the National Park Head Quarter in Nyakalengijo and lasts on average 8 days 7 nights, hut after hut, reaching an altitude of up to 4.372 meters at Scott Elliot Pass. You experience five different vegetation zones, from the tropical and bamboo forests up to the alpine zones.

Other peaks include: Mt. Speak (4889m), Mt. Baker (4843m), Mt. Gess (4797m), Mt. Emin (4791m), Mt. Luigi de Savio (4626m), Mt. Margherita (5109m)...

This experience will be tailormade for you. Please just contact us via the booking form and tell us all about your wishes and we will provide you with all the information needed.