"The best way to enjoy Fort Portal and its surrounds"

- Lonely Planet (East Africa)



There are many Tour-operators across the country, so what is it that makes us so special?

In one sentence: We are LOCAL. We know the area inside out. We know the people and we know the culture because it is our culture, our area, our home. Therefore we do everything we can in order to protect the surrounding. On the one hand that means taking care of the environment. We depend on the beautiful nature and diverse fauna and flora around us, so why do anything to harm it. Creating our Tours as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible is a matter that is near to our heart and one that we believe makes us special. On the other hand protecting our surroundings also includes protecting the culture and supporting the people living here. For that purpose we opened the Kihingami Vocational Eco-Tourism Training Institute (KVETTI) where young adults, who want to work in the tourism industry, can learn about the importance of nature and wildlife protection.


Our Safaris

We are offering a once in a lifetime experience such as Gorilla Trekking or the most exciting gamedrive through the Queen Elizabeth Nationalpark.


As an Eco- Tour Operator we have a social responsibilty to the People and the environment we are supporting. Learn more about our Projects here.

About us

Fort Portal is not only one of our starting points for our tours, it is our dearly loved home and we do our best to protect the surrounding area so you can enjoy it as much as we do.