Tooro Kokasemera Countryside Experience
(2 Days)

You start your trip in Fort Portal. From there you will have the choice of taking a bike, a boda (the Ugandan motorbike) or the car to Bwigamiro Country Home.

After lunch you can participate in the daily life of the farm. In the evening you will enjoy your dinner why enjoying the scenic sunset before you can tell your favourite tales at the campfire.

On the next day you have the choice of doing a forest walk with the possibility of seeing endangered red colobus monkeys or you can do the community walk and get in touch with the local communities.

After lunch you will make your way back to Fort Portal.


Camping: 79$ p.p. Boda or Bike, 89$ p.p. with car

Main House: 109$ p.p. Boda or Bike, 119$ p.p. with car

Cottages: 119$ p.p. Boda or Bike, 129$ p.p. with car

Prices only valid for at least two participants.