Kihingami Swamp Walk

In the year 2005 the founder of Kabarole Tours Richard Tooro passed the Kihingami Wetlands on a business trip, when he saw workers cutting down the forest and monkeys fleeing the scenery. He couldn't continue his trip. By contacting the local press he stopped the deforestation and established the local NGO “Kihingami Wetland Eco-Tourism Association”, whose goal is the protection and conservation of the Wetlands.

Now it is possible to take a trip to the Kihingami Wetlands. Walk in the swamp and look for birds, plants, primates and butterflies. By participating in this guided tour with Kabarole Tours you are directly supporting the protection of the forest with all its flora and fauna.


The Kihingami Swamp Walk costs 40,000 UGX (around 10$) per person. Transport to the wetlands can be arranged.