Biking Tours

Tooro Kokasemera Bicycle Trail

Get a proof how beautiful the Tooro Kingdom is by joining an amazing bicycle Tour to the surroundings of Fort Portal.

During the tour you make a stop at the wonderful Bwigamiro Country Home where you get your lunch served while enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Later on you will reach Lake Nkuruba - a swimable lake surrounded by forest. The forest is home of the Black and White Colobus, the Red Colobus and the Vervet Monkeys.

The final highlight of the tour is a visit to "Top of the World" where you are able to see three different craterlakes and the Kibale Forest - all in all a pretty nice landscape.


Rift Valley Biking Tour

Enjoy this Mountain Biike Riding into the Great Western Rift Valley. With breathtaking views of the valley and landscape you will also have a chance to meet locals and see another way of rural living. This thrill of riding down hill into the unknown also includes short hikes in the lower Rwenzori Mountains.