Kabarole Tours and Safari Ltd. is a highly commendable and unique eco-tourism organisation founded by the former Primary school teacher Richard Tooro in 1992. Since then the organisation has become a driving force in nature conservation and in community development projects around Fort Portal and the Rwenzori region.

Kabarole Tours caters to the needs of Travelers and offers a variety of Tours that will give clients the experience of a lifetime and unforgettable memories through interactions with local people, activities and nature tours.

“Since my early childhood I always felt that I wanted to show other people new things, thus my joining the teaching profession. As I started taking tourists to the villages, I realised that locals needed to be taught why conservation was so important as they actually had no idea that they were destroying their environment. Slowly Kabarole Tours has brought lots of positive change in peoples lives and we continue to do the best we can.”
— Richard Tooro, Founder of Kabarole Tours